lisa_newOnline Training (Please Contact me for pricing as all programs are custom designed)
A training programme specifically designed for each individual, with progression to work towards. Links will be sent on any exercises that are unknown. Communication and questions will always be answered and to hand.

This training is ideal for those further afield, who are experienced gym goers.


Program Introduction £115
Usually a 3 session 121 intense block at the beginning of a change of programme.

In these three motivational sessions you will go through each day written making sure you comprehend your customised programme and can carry out the exercises fully and safely. You will be set progression to follow over a 4-6 week period or longer depending on how you adapt, until you need to change.

This kind of training is ideal for the personally motivated gym goer or someone who doesn’t want to commit to times.

Special 1-2-1 offer!  £32 a session or buy 10 and get 1 free.
A motivational session centred around you the client, closely working towards your individual goals.

Each program/session followed will be specific to you and your needs, changing it as and when is required. Every session will teach and ensure your programme is followed correctly making sure you gain the most out of your training with the best and quickest results.

This is ideal for new comers, people who need motivation, or those wanting to gain the quickest results.


People who enter into a training program, do so at their own risk, Physique Finesse takes no responsibility for any accidents or injuries that may occur while carrying out any training program.

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