lisa_bwWhat is Physique Finesse?
Physique Finesse believes personal training is a complex science that requires a combination of experience, training and education in order to deliver each customised program to the individual client. It is a priority that each person receives the highest level of training, in fun motivational sessions that will gain them the quickest results safely.

What if I dont always have time to exercise?
A customised programme is written to suit lifestyle as well working towards goals that’s why each programme is specific to the individual. If someone is limited to time, whether having 1-2-1 sessions, programme introduction sessions or online training, it’ll be written to make sure goals are achieved within the time frame available to train per session.

I often lose interest in the gym
The beauty of 1-2-1 training is that not only is it motivational, educational and fun but also programs change as soon as you’ve plateaued, thus resulting in ever changing programs and new challenges that never giving you time to get bored.

I have a bad back, can I still exercise?
Physique Finesse draws from Pilates to work on corrective and core exercises to strengthen the back and core as well as work on other postural issues and injuries if needed.

I’d like to discuss diet
The aim is to motivate each person and support them as much as possible, if a client wishes to discuss their diet or even keep a food diary, Physique Finesse will offer information and advice every step of the way.

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