deadliftI have been training and working in the fitness industry for 15 plus years. For me staying fit, strong and healthy is part of everyday life, it shouldn’t be a chore, but fun and motivational. I have written programmes and trained numerous people in this way over the years, educating them and motivating them to achieve their goals from, improving strength or posture, to fat loss and more specific achievements like walking up Kilimanjaro at 60 years old.

I myself have set and worked on my own goals, so I truly practice what I preach and have done the following:

15 pull ups, 130kg/290lbs Deadlift, a 2000m Concept 2 Row in 8.08 and 5k run in under 19 mins.

I have been privileged to train with and learn from some very influential people within the industry:

nickNick McKinless (Beyond Strong)

This is where it all started. The person who taught me how to lift correctly, train hard and get strong. The most influential person in my whole career and an amazing athlete himself.

alwynAlwyn Cosgrove

After I received Fitness Instructor of the Year, I won a scholarship to spend time in LA with Al, learning more advanced methods of training and programme planning. This was a truly inspirational experience and took my knowledge to the next level.

henryHenry Tosh

Record Breaking Power lifter, Gym Owner and an extremely knowledgeable man who has against all odds gained some outstanding achievements. 2nd British Powerlifting Champs 105kg class 2013 & 2014 in the GBPF and 9th in the IPF World Powerlifting Champs 2014.

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